Testemony from Patrice Delaveau

 This summer at the World Equestrian Games, Patrice Delaveau made us vibrate in the Ornano stadium in Caen. Two Jumping silver medals in Team and Individual came to reward the work of a lifetime.

He was also successful thanks to his entire Team: the owners Emmanuèle and Armand Perron-Pette, his family, his groom Jennifer, his Stable manager Edouard and his veterinarian Vincent. Vice World Champion also relied on EQUISTRO.

Patrice Delaveau, always looking for giving what is the best for his horses, chose EQUISTRO for his cracks.

Back on this choice with the French Multi-Medalist.

Last July, you announced your partnership with EQUISTRO, the range of food supplements of the veterinarian laboratory Vétoquinol. Can you explain your choice?

Patrice Delaveau: "We must be surrounded by a very good team to compete at the highest level. The health of my horses is an integral part of this success. Spurred on by my vet, I wanted to take advantage of the sustained expertise of EQUISTRO. I was already using some of their products and have seen Kevin (editor's note: Kevin Staut is EQUISTRO ambassador since 2013) was also fully satisfied. So why do without it. "

What brings to you this partnership?

Patrice Delaveau "I use all the range to complement well my horses according to their needs. There is no reason to give them something they do not need. We worked on a specific menu for each horse. I speak regularly with the EQUISTRO team to optimize the use of supplements. It works very well. "

Specifically what products do you use?

Patrice Delaveau: "There are many! First of all, Flexadin UCII for all my horses. Support the Musculoskeletal system is essential. And that makes them comfortable. QUIETPHYTON and EQUILISER for sensitive horses and prone to stress. Lately we have put Lacrimoso under MYO POWER to help him to gain muscle mass for his return in competition. We have seen a positive impact quickly, the horse is beautiful. We also have good results with biotin (KERABOL & KERABOL BIOTIN) and during competitions we use ELIMINATION and ENERGY BOOSTER. Not to mention HAEMOLYTAN 400, a classic since I was already using it while I was riding Katchina. "

What do you recommend?

Patrice Delaveau: "Work. A lot. To watch over his horse, do not hesitate to ask for advice from your veterinarian. It is also the advantage of EQUISTRO. The range is recommended and distributed by veterinarians. It is a guarantee of reliability and quality. "

Auteur: Clara Fresnel


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